- UI: Update windows references to Active Directory.#175

    - BUG: Adding missing quote which was breaking urls.#168

    - SYSTEM: Updated plcasses for Aonean_unames users.#174

    - UI: Typo in error message.#173

    - BUG: Updates to not the first person in the list Account Expiration list failed.#172

    - UI: Updating Email templates with TOS information.#171

    - UI: Unifying display and datepicker formats, allowing for manual keyboard entry.#165
    - SYSTEM: Adding sponsor information to the email logs.#169

    - SYSTEM: Adding Errors-to email header.#167

    - SYSTEM: Dropping AD LDAP Logging level.#163

    - SYSTEM: Tweaking new CI/CD setup.#160

    - SYSTEM: Moving to new CI/CD setup.#160
    - TYPO: Typo in automated email.#159
    - Admin: Function to perform Database records search.#161
    - UI: Updating Sponsor form dropdown to reduce confusion.#162

    - BUG: Account Type Calulcation error Non-Academic Affiliates.#158

    - BUG: Account Type Calulcation incorrect for Research Guests.#157
    - Adding Visitng Grad selection option.#156

    - Adding 2 week token reminder.#151
    - Tweaks to Alternate Sponsor functionality.#155
    - Code cleanup and bootstrap upgrade.#154
    - Fixing a typo.#141
    - Add option for sponsor override.#147
    - Set Expirations for Lecturing Faculty.#149
    - Alphabetizing all dropdowns.#148
    - Show the help all the time.#144
    - Adding Postdocs Explicitly.#143
    - Breaking out Research Guest into more detail.#146
    - Renaming some labels for clarity.#153
    - Removing unused options and udpating help.#152

    - Fixing multi-checkbox shift-select on Admin screens.#142

    - Email template tweak for sponored accounts.#140

    - Email template tweak for sponored accounts.#138

    - Admin: Function to clear out old sponsor entires#136

    - Pulling information about CSE Email account for non-email enabled account types.#134

    - Typo in email subject.#132

    - Fixing account type calculation for Student Accounts.#131

    - Fixing a typo on the password form.#130

    - Updating email signature.#122

    - HotFix for Password Resuse error for accounts with mulitple roles.#129

    - Reformating to PSR2 Style Guide#120
    - Code Cleanup: Removing unused variable and loop.#118
    - UI Tweak: Clarifying email address label.#119
    - UI Tweak: Clarifying Account subtype label.#111
    - UI Tweak: Human Readable Account Types for Dashboard .#52
    - UI Tweak: Update Expiration box less confusing. #105
    - UI Tweak: More informative results on Account Expiration Update Action. #121
    - UI Tweak: Sponsor form required fields enforcement. #102
    - Typos in email template. #108
    - Admin: Ad-hoc form updates all fields now. #61
    - Admin: Hide old entries from Unclaimed Tokens view. #103
    - Admin: Hide old entries from Expired Tokens view. #23
    - Admin: Cleaning up LogFile Display and adding search. #112
    - Admin: Fixing Multi-select checkboxes. #24
    - Admin: Fixing expiration display issue. #99
    - Email template fixes. #114
    - Backend enahancement - make "token used" action more reliable. #123
    - Display Fix: Incorrect array ref leading to error and no display of "notes". #124

    - Corrected display of active/expired accounts.#126

    - Hotfix for quote escaping in name for form validation.#116

    - Hotfix for sponsoree emails not going out reliably.#107

    - Changed Sponoree email addresses to be csenetid@cs as that is guarenteed to route #101

    - Sponsor notes are not saving OR displaying correctly #96
    - Return to Dashboard link is no longer false advertizing.#98

    - Updating Account Code for visiting Grads #95

    - Changed Expiration Date format on sponsor page #91
    - Squelching emails for accounts with no sponsor #86
    - Fixing overflow characters in email templates #93

    - Fixing grammar #92
    - Restyling the password form #30 
    - Restyle the 'Click for Google Password Info' #50
    - Added UW icon for page #88

    - Fixing Changelog link #90

    - Making code, path agnostic #85
    - Adding return to Dashboard button #83
    - Fixing broken CSS link #87
    - Stronger encouragement of UWNetID Login for sponsorees #84
    - Accounts are always getting set as RG  #82
    - Send new token functionality fixed #89

    - Title element incorrect #78
    - Change to more generalized 'New Expiration date' dropdown option, cleanup results feedback. #79
    - Admin: fix expired email #80

    - Nightly Emails. #77
    - Email logging. #62

    - Verification form tweaks. #72
    - Chaning to an html changelogs with links. #73

    - Pull debug output

v 1.0.1
    - HOTFIX: Tokens not getting saved properly

v 1.0
    - Account Request Functionality

v 0.13.2
    - Fix for pulling back plcasses for all active account types.

v 0.13.1
    - New style
v 0.13
    - Removal of code to attempt changes against the old ipcsrv and rpcsrv domains.
    - Making Error Messages accurate for when we have no active accounts for you.
    - Fixed Type in UW IDP url
v 0.12.4
    - Typo fixes

v 0.12.3
    - Hotfix for aeonian_uname checking

v 0.12.2
    - Hotfix to set "windows" domain password for tokens
v 0.12.1
    - Update branding for Paul Allen School

v 0.12
    - Move aeonian_unames detection to central pclass detection function and away from individual hacks
    - Bring aeonian_unames support to the recovery function
    - Admin screen: allow sending a one-time-use token to any user in need
v 0.11.7
    - Fixing error result reporting
v 0.11.6
    - Adding test, with some debug logging for AD password changes
v 0.11.5
    - Hotfix to set "windows" domain password in some cases
v 0.11.4
    - Hotfix to Google password form error
    - Typo on welcome page

v 0.11.3
    - Remove BETA branding
V 0.11.2
    - Hotfix to display error restults for folks auth'ed with UW Netid
v 0.11.1 
    - Hotfix for token resets to actually work
v 0.11
    - Enhanced AD connection to recieve error on password history violation.
    - Enahnced error output to user to reflect the above.
    - Tweaked layout of user feedback screens

v 0.10
    - Password form validation for username and name checks.
    - Tweaked form validation logic.
    - Added informational /error feedback to token response screen
v 0.9
    - Better formatted feedback for errors
    - More information screen on success
    - New email templates
    - Application logging for password change attempts
    - Application logging for identification failures
    - Admin screen for display of application logs.
v 0.8.2
    - Fix for UW students with no student_no in our database

v 0.8.1
    - Hotfix for RPCSRV password changing
    - Hotfix for version display
    - Fix for LDAP bind error reporting

v 0.8   
    - Allow changing of a single password backend based on URL Params
    - Auto version number in footer

v 0.7
    - Admin Feature: New account invites
    - Admin Feature: One-Time use token management
    - Allow resets for alumni and other out of band users
    - Tweaks to login form
    - fixing html validation issues

v 0.6.1
    - Typo fix
    - Adding Footer info
v 0.6
    - Typo fix

v 0.5
    - Beta Branding
    - About button and page
v 0.4
    - Grammatical changes
    - Updating landing page for current functionality
v 0.3
    - Theme and styling

v 0.2
    - Setup CI Auto-deployments
v 0.1 
    - Initial Release