The goal of the Password Manager is to give CSE users an intuitive self-service experience for updating and setting their CSE passwords.

Who is it for?

Currently, this tool is targeted at New/Returning full-time CSE Majors and existing faculty/staff.

Who is it not for?

This tool will currently not work for Quarterly Class Accounts, Research Guest accounts who lack UWNetID's, and not immediately for newly minted Faculty and Staff accounts.

What's better about it?

This tool improves the password reset experience by allowing you to reset your CSE passwords, without knowing your current password, and without needing to log a support ticket. We accomplish this by having you assert your identity via a UW login. This does require that we have enough data about you to effectively match-up identities and allow a password reset, which is not possible in all cases. Support for Quarterly Class Accounts, New Employees and others is planned.